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If a Pokemon uses Rain dance and water sport will it reduce fire moves by 100%?



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Well, in the rain the power of Fire moves is lowered by 50%, same goes for Water Sport. So let's say the oppoenent has a 100 base power Fire move, and is not getting STAB. I'm pretty sure such a move does not exist be we're pretending it does for the sake of simplicity. In the rain its power is halved to 50 power, and then, 25% of 50 is 25, is with Water Sport and in effect its power would then be a measly 25. With that in mind, Water Sport should probably never be used competetively.

Yes i know im never using Water sport :D thx for your answer :D
You're welcome ^.^
Inferno on a Misdreaveus does in fact exist :D
Just as a noted: Heat Wave is @ BP 100 and can be taught to plenty of non-Fire type Pokemon.
Oh whatever >.>