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I want to obtain a Shiny Weavile if anyone can help be obtain this information I would greatly appreciate it .


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You can SOS chain sneasel on mount lanakila .It has 20% encounter rate on grass.Continue Chaining until you get one ,then evolve him .

So the only way to get a Shiny Weavile is to keep evolving sneasel until it becomes a Shiny weavile?
If you catch a Shiny Snealsel, it is guaranteed to evolve into a Shiny Weavile.
shinies are determined by this "(TrainerID xor SecretID) xor (PersonalityValue31..16 xor PersonalityValue15..0)" formula. This doesn't change during evolution, so evolving doesn't generate shinies. However, if you can find a shiny in the wild (1/8192 chance) but this chance is increased with shiny charm, Masuda method, and SOSing.
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As Rahat Hasan already said, you can SOS chain Sneasel at Mount Lanakila until you'll meet a shiny one. Another option is the Masuda method (look here for explanation.). When you'll get the Shiny Sneasel, evolve it at night holding a Razor Claw and you'll get your Shiny Weavile. Both methods will take a lot of time and luck, but it isn't impossible to do. Good luck, Weavile is one of my favorite Pokemon. ^^

shiny weavile is too pink, but it is okay if it is female. if male, i'm not keeping it
Why am I the first person to say that this is ludicrous? Not keeping a Shiny because you think it looks like the opposite gender? Also, talk about sexual stereotypes.