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Which should I use? I've seen their movepools and I can't decide which is better. Please provide movesets for whichever you suggest.

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Why would you want another Fighting-type when you already have Kommo-o?
I haven't given Kommo-o any fighting type moves.. and honestly using it as a fighting type is a crime
whatever you choose will get type overlap, is that okay?
Could you please explain why using Kommo-o as a fighting type is a crime?
Yea the overlap is okay. And Kommo-o just isn't the Pokemon that someone would use for a fighting type
Why wouldn't one use it as a fighting type? Can you give any reasons why?
@OP want me (or others) to put this back on the unanswered list?

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I said that Kommo-o is already good enough, so why not use it? It has a well-rounded offensive and defensive stat, - Especially that defense, yum - Only lacking in HP and Speed.

Kommo-o @ Lum Berry / Any
Ability(/ies): Soundproof / Bulletproof
Recommended Nature(s): Jolly / Timid

  • Close Combat / Drain Punch / Aura Sphere
  • Clanging Scales / Outrage
  • Dragon Dance / Any boosting move
  • Noble Roar / Boomburst / Filler

However, you can still opt for the other two. In which here I recommend Lucario more. While Hawlucha has a needed Ground resistance like the other users stated, It's not as strong - Hyper offense is oriented greatly in-game. Hawlucha has 5 weaknesses along with 4 resistances - one of them a whopping 4x resistance against bug, while Lucario has 3 weaknesses and 8 resistances - two of them are 4x against Bug and Rock - including one immunity against Poison as well as a neutral reaction to Fairy. Hawlucha, however has a unique signature move Flying Press that can be great if you know how to utilize it properly.

Lucario @ Focus Sash / Air Baloon / Any
Ability(/ies): Steadfast / Inner Focus
Recommended Nature(s): Timid / Jolly

  • Close Combat / Focus Blast / Aura Sphere
  • Shadow Ball / Psychic
  • Nasty Plot / Swords Dance
  • Flash Cannon / Meteor Mash / Coverage Move

Lucario has a well-rounded offensive stat, 110/115 respectively and while quite frail, Its' speed made up for it if trained enough - Though Hawlucha is faster.
But if you still wanted Hawlucha - Go ahead.

Hawlucha @ Flying Gem / Any
Ability(/ies): Limber / Unburden
Reccomended Nature(s): Jolly / Adamant

  • Acrobatics / Brave Bird
  • Flying Press / Drain Punch
  • Swords Dance / Roost
  • U-Turn

Acrobatics + Flying Gem + STAB with fully trained Atk EVs and Unburden is hellishly powerful, Try it. However you may also opt for Brave Bird. Flying Press is a good STAB that is made for Hawlucha only and its unique dual-type makes it fun to use. U-Turn is to opt out and the other is self-explanatory.
In conclusion: Either keep your Kommo-o or get a Lucario.

Hope I helped! I tried my best on this one as I never played Sword x)

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Why not drain punch/roost on the hawlucha?
And why swords dance/nasty plot on Lucario when its both a special attacker and a physical one? It gets calm mind.
Lucario can be either Physical or Special depending on what you want, and I'm not the biggest fan of mixed sets so I didn't recommend it. Its completely fine if you want a mixed Luc - but I find it harder to train a mixed Mon - plus picking the natures matter too if you want your mon in the fullest potential.

In case of Hawlucha, I'll quickly add it.
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id say hawlucha because your 2 of your Pokemon are weak to ground and one is weak to fighting with and hawlucha isn't weak to fighting if you choose lucario you have 3 Pokemon that are weak to ground

hawlucha moveset

  1. acrobatics - stab
  2. flying press - stab and dual type
  3. drain punch - stab and restore hp
  4. u-turn - to switch without wasting a turn
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This is pretty good but i will replace grass knot with other fighting type move
oh ok what fighting move would you choose
i would say brick break/drain punch/close combat also you should replace aerial ace with brave bird
ok i changed it
Aerial ace is a weird option. Its got really low bp (60). Brave bird or even acrobatics is a better option...
oh yea, i forgot about acrobatics...
put acrobatics/brave bird
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Go for Hawlucha, because like what mega mismagius said, 2 of your Pokemon are weak to Ground types. Hawlucha can be a sweeper if used correctly, so I recommend this moveset:

  • Acrobatics/Brave Bird
  • Close Combat
  • Swords Dance
  • U-turn
    Acrobatics/Brave Bird is your choice, although I recommend Brave Bird for the high damage output. Close Combat for damage, Swords Dance to buff Hawlucha's already good damage output, and U-turn to quickly run from Psychic types and hitting them with a super effective move, or simply just switching out.
    I may be wrong on the moveset, as I don't have any experience of Pokemon Sword. But I do at least know how to make a decent moveset.