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I just defeated Nessa and was looking around in Hammerlocke Hills for good Pokemon and found a Limber Hawlucha. I was wondering if I should add it to my team over Corvisquire because I had an idea for a good set:

Setup Sweeper
Hawlucha (M) @ Expert Belt
Ability: Limber/Mold Breaker
EVs: 4 Hp / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
-Flying Press (Part flying type, Gets boosted by expert belt)
-High Jump Kick (Main STAB)
-Stone Edge (Further Coverage)
-Hone Claws (Gives all moves perfect acc.)

For in-game, there are far better  sets. In competitive, Hawlucha uses setup because Grassy Seed+Grassy Surge Rillaboom+Unburden means it has a better chance of getting a SD/HC off. However, that only works in doubles. In-game, (I’m aware SWSH is very easy, so this doesn’t apply if you’re not absolutely garbage at the game) your opponents don’t have EVs, appropriate natures, etc. As a result setup both isn’t needed and puts a risk to your Hawlucha in the first place. I’d replace Hone Claws with a flying STAB like Acrobatics or Brave Bird. Stone Edge is okay, if you’re willing to sacrifice the accuracy. Also, did you mean Black Belt instead of Expert Belt? Expert Belt only boosts Flying Press if it’s super effective.

Basically, what I’d do with the set:

Hawlucha @ Black Belt
Ability: Limber
(Don’t worry about EVs or natures; all they do is add unnecessary stress and take away your time)
 - Flying Press
 - High Jump Kick / Brick Break
 - Acrobatics / Brave Bird
 - Stone Edge / X-Scissor / U-Turn
I could also use Throat chop over X-Scissor or U-turn as it hits psychic types super-effectively too and has coverage on ghost types. If you go with Flying Press / Acrobatics / Brave Burb, High Jump Kick, Stone Edge, and Throat Chop, it will hit an absurd 765 Pokemon super-effectively and 280 normally. And yes, I did mean Black Belt, not Expert Belt.
That also works! My main point is that there are much better options than Hone Claws (and usually, setup in general in-game).

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I would definitely go with Hawlucha here. Like Barbara said, Sword and Shield were very easy. As a result, brute force is the way to go. That being said, Hawlucha has better Attack and Speed than Corviknight. Hawlucha also gets much better moves in Close Combat, Brave Bird and a whole variety of coverage moves. Corviknight on the other hand is stuck with Brave Bird, Iron Head, Body Press and Facade. Corviknight also faces a weakness to Kabu and Leon. Hawlucha struggles with Opal and Bede. However, Hawlucha has an advantage over more Gym Leaders which is extremely beneficial. Because of this, unless you prefer more bulk, choose Hawlucha.

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I think you should go with Corviknight because it has lots of resistances and can learn Iron Defense and Body Press, if you set up 3 Iron Defenses and then use Body Press it will do a lot of damage and can learn pretty good Flying type moves.

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Go for Hawlucha. It can do devastating damage if you have status like bulk up, swords dance and hone claws and then sweep them down because the status move raises its attack, also hone claws is good for high jump kick as high jump kick has a chance of missing. (I think?)
Hawlucha has great speed. It has better attack. It is useful if you get used to it. Strongly recommend Hawlucha.

What does this add to the other answers?
In game is all about immediate power. Setting up is usually unnecessary.