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Well I'm planing to play pokémon ultra sun and this is the team that I planned with: Primarina, Ampharos, Alolan Marowak, Zoroark (Yes I Changed) And Garchomp

I saw that my team has one more space left, and the two Pokémon that I thought of were Hawlucha (that is pretty good and can help me so much in some trials) and Snorlax (that has a great hp and special defense and can learn great moves that can help me top). So who I should choose?

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I would say Hawlucha is better. The STAB attacks of your current Pokmeon only leave Normal and Fairy uncovered, and with Hawlucha it can be brought down to just Fairy. Plus, Flying Press is an excellent move. Use Hawlucha.

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Make sure you get your Hawlucha by trading on Route 2. That Hawlucha gets boosted experience gain.
I Ended Up Using Hawlucha He Is Pretty Good Is My Powerful Pokémon