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My team (Without Kommo-o or Lycanroc) currently is



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Definitely Kommo-o. Kommo-o has much better stats, and right now you need a special attacker, not a physical attacker. Although you don’t really need either, you could probably just sweep through the game with just Mimikyu, Kommo-o has 2 types that your team is missing, whereas Lycanroc only covers 1 type, and one that isn’t nearly as vital as Fighting or Dragon. Kommo-o also has a much more diverse movepool, and can run physical OR special attacks, which can come in handy quite often. One downside to using Kommo-o however, is the fact that it’s a serious pain to find, and you also find it fairly late in the game

One can easily get it traded over by another player who has bred it, plenty of them.
You mean how you can cheat your way through the game? No point in clearing US/UM when you’re using a sudo legendary form the very start that gains boost experience.
Adding on to @EricTwinNeedle: kommo-o  gets good stat boosts from it’s z-move.