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I’m thinking of this team-
And the last remaining spot is for the water type
(Please recommend any other Pokémon that would be good for this team)

Vikavolt is outclassed by Magnezone
The best water type is Poppilo. Then Gyarados. u can also use Araquanid.

2 Answers

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The most popular choice seems to be Pelliper which serves your purposes well.


  • Drizzle boosts up its Water moves (like Scald)
  • 100% accurate Hurricane (powerful ingame move)
  • Can learn a bunch of move tutor moves
  • Has access to Roost
  • Easily available in-game (comparatively)
  • Drizzle might help by potentially giving Vikavolt a 100% accurate Thunder. You can U-turn into Vikavolt turn 1 and spam Thunder if you want (although in general T-bolt or Volt Switch are better options)


  • Low speed (Not that much of a problem since the rest of your team except Vikavolt is above average in speed)
  • 4x weakness to Electric moves, and a 2x against Rock
  • Overall low Base Stat Total

Overall it's a solid choice, where pros outweigh the cons, which can be countered by higher levels or strategic use of other team members.

Other options are Gyarados, and maybe Araquanid.

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I would suggest you Araquanid. Araquanid has the ability Water Bubble which doubles its Water moves, makes it immune to burns and gives it pseudo-fire resistance. If this is only a list currently and has yet to be built, then that's great as Araquanid destroys Totem Alolan Marowak. Although it will be stuck for quite a bit with special Water moves, Water Bubble compensates for it until it learns at arund level 58 or something Liquidation. Only problem is low Speed and type-stacking with Vikavolt but if you don't mind it, then you can pick that.

If type stacking is a problem, you can alternatively use Gyarados. Take a Flyinium Z from Ten Carat Hill, teach it Bounce from Akala Beach Tutor and Aqua Tail from Ula'Ula beach tutor. + Intimidate is also really good. Don't need to elaborate much on Gyarados if I have to be fair.

Just don't use Slowpoke, you will later regret it.

I don't have much experience with it, but I'd avoid using Golisopod as Wimpod is pretty bad until level 30 and as such can't be used for Totem Alolan Marowak where it would be the most useful.

Bruxish is another option, although Psychic typing is pretty bad in Alola due to the abudance of Ghost, Dark and Psychic typ. However, Strong Jaw boosted Psychic Fangs hits like a truck on anything that it hits neutrally

that's what I can think of atm, hope you consider them.