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The team that I plano to use:

Idk If torkoal Will fit my team since my team already has some bulkiness

Also it has kinda of a limited moveset

And no I won't use camerupt cuz I already have Aggron and he'll use earthquake

I Just want to know If torkoal can fit in my team or I should seek for another pokémon.

Yes It is ingame

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Fire Pokemon (except Blaziken) are generally bad in Emerald because water is so common in the second half of the game. You should definitely also not use Salamence because Bagon arrives late and with a low level. If you have enough experience to raise a Bagon from level 35 to 58, that same experience can raise your other 4 Pokemon by 6 levels. If you really want to use 6 Pokemon, then your last 2 should probably be Swellow and Heracross.

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I think that torcoal is not necessary in your lineup. You already have one of the best in game defenders (aggron) and also Walrein which is a great defender as well