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Currently, I am on Poni Island and I still have to do the trails but I just got an Aerodactyl. Should I replace my Honchkrow for it? My current team consists of Arcanine, Primarina, Lopunny, Gabite, Murkrow and Tsareena. I'm about to evolve my Murkrow so don't worry about that.



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Aerodactyl has great attack stats and speed. Honchkrow has great offensive stats but speed sucks. Speed and Atk or SpA stats are most useful for finishing the game. Speed is really a necessary star for finishing the game. You can get a level 40 Aerodactyl. I don't know what level is your Murkrow. If it's level is lower than 40, then you can use Aerodactyl.
Honchkrow' s growth rate is medium slow while Aero' s growth rate is slow. Did you train Murkrow to a higher level? Then you should use honchkrow because if you don't use Murkrow then some of your Times are wasted..
I suggest Aerodactyl for finishing the game quickly.

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I'm pretty sure TMs are reusable in this game.
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...... TMs are reusable in Gen 5-7 games