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Hello, I'm now playing Pokémon Ultra Sun and I have two Pokémon that are Dark-type -- or, in case of my Larvitar, will have Dark-type in the future. I'm currently using a Zoroark (level 30 or 31; I don't remember well) because it has a higher level than my Larvitar (22). I was planing to use Zoroark, but I caught Larvitar which is one of my favourite Pokemon of all time. So, who's better and would help most in my gameplay?

Note: My team is Brionne, Salandit, Mudsdale, Ampharos and Hawlucha. (Sorry for the long question.)

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I think Zoroark is better because it evolves faster and has higher speed. It can also disguise itself as a poison Pokemon and get Necrozma to only use psychic attacks.
Tyrannitar is a little better statwise I would recommend it but some people think zoroark is more fun to use. It isn't a hard game so either would work
Tyranitar cause a, it's hella good psuedo legendary, and b, it can mega evolve, while zoarak can't
Is salandit male or female?

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tl;dr at the end

From how I see it, it's based on preferences. If you want a relatively slow but really bulky and strong physical attacker, you can go for Tyranitar. However, if you'd like to do lots of damage and speedily take out your opponent, I'd recommend Zoroark. Going back to Tyranitar, it has a diverse movepool consisting of both special and physical moves (Ice Beam, Thunder Fang), but it also has some support moves like Taunt and Thunder Wave, so you can also run a supporting set. However, your team may find the sandstorm a little detrimental. On the other hand, Zoroark can be a good physical or special attacker with high speed and a good movepool, with access to strong STAB moves like Dark Pulse. It also has a good coverage move, being Bounce (for the fighting type weakness, although not a move I'd recommend running). Other moves it has are Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, Calm Mind, and Focus Blast. But, in the end, it really comes down to which Pokemon would work better for you. I hope what I said helped.

tl;dr: Based on what you want, from either a strong, bulky physical fighter or a fast special attacker with decent coverage moves. Or just use your favorite.

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most of the moves that you listed for tyranitar can only be learned from move tutor/egg moves and this is an ingame team
I just noticed that; I apologize. Thank you for bringing this up. I will fix my mistakes.