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I'm challenging myself to shiny-hunt Axew in Mistralton Cave, without a Shiny Charm /srs. I really want a Haxorus and also Zoroark, but my team is currently full :( (one slot left)

Tonkatsu - Emboar
Kiku - Tynamo
Nepstrius - Swanna
Speedy - Whirlipede
Mao - Excadrill
either Zoroark or Haxorus


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- Found earlier
- Gets boosted experience
- Evolves much earlier
- Learns moves like U-turn, Flamethrower, Dark Pulse, and Grass Knot
- Faster than Haxorus (and a lot of other Pokemon)
- Massive Special Attack
- Illusion really screws with Caitlin if you play it right
- Very, very frail
- It can disobey you if you level it up too much

- Axew is found just a little later than Zorua
- Absolute monstrosity, with 147 base Attack
- Decently fast
- Learns moves like Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Strength, Poison Jab and Aqua Tail
- Really helps to slaughter more of the late game (Ghetsis, Drayden, Iris, etc.)
- With Mold Breaker, it laughs at the plethora of Sturdy Roggenrolas/Boldores
- Evolves much later
- Has to evolve twice to become Haxorus
- Not altogether useful at first

I'd go with Haxorus. It's a beast, and it helps a lot more in the long run than Zoroark does. Here's a set:

Haxorus @ Life Orb / Muscle Band
Ability: Mold Breaker
- Dragon Dance
- Dragon Claw
- Poison Jab
- Aqua Tail

Hope I helped!

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Thank you very much for helping me decide! Also wish me luck for the shiny hunt ;w;
Haxorus may have more power than Zoroark, but Zoroark is able to take down Caitlyn and Shauntal all by itself and also partially Grimsley using Low Kick or Focus Blast.
You said that Zoroark has more weaknesses? don't they both have two?
also, why not outrage for Haxorus? is it learned too late?
My bad, thanks for letting me know about the weaknesses -- seems I miscounted :P
Outrage is learned at the very high level of 66, which just isn't feasible for the Champion's battle. It's very viable in the post-game if you'd like to take your chances with the confusion.