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Starting a playthrough of B2W2, Which is better, You get them roughly at the same time(after you beat clay) and the Gigalith is the in game trade one.

My team would be,Samurott, Chandelure, Magnezone, Haxorus/Gigalith, Krookodile and Lucario.

Gigalith nature would be Adamant.

Haxorus nature would be Adamant/Jolly

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- Incredible Attack and excellent Speed
- Respectable Defense
- STAB attacks super effective against Drayden and part of Iris' team
- Mold Breaker deals with the countless annoying Sturdy Pokemon
- Learns things like Aqua Tail, Dragon Claw, Shadow Claw, Brick Break, X-Scissor, and Poison Jab
- Evolves late
- Merely okay HP and Special Defense

- Excellent Attack and Defense
- HP and Special Defense are pretty good as well
- STAB attacks super effective against Skyla and part of Iris' team
- It being a traded Pokemon means boosted experience
- Learns moves like Iron Head, Stone Edge, and Strength
- Incredibly slow

I would go with Haxorus. Here's a set:

Haxorus @ Dragon Fang
Ability: Mold Breaker
- Dragon Claw (Level 28)
- X-Scissor (TM found on Route 7)
- Return (TM found in Aspertia City)
- Aqua Tail (Move Tutor in Lentimas Town, 8 Blue Shards)

Hope I helped!

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Hope I helped!
-incrediblely slow
I have absolutely no idea why the heck it did that. Oh wait I meant to put that by Gigalith's section, but I must've put it in the wrong place or something.
Thanks,But may I ask how to get shards in B2W2?
You can get Shards from dust clouds in caves. It'll take a bit, but you can get enough.
You're welcome!