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Drapion is using the scope lens/sniper/night slash moveset, while haxorus is using the standard Ddance plus outrage. Both know earthquake and a poison move.

Rest of my team

Mega Manectric
Ferrothorn(Defense and HP set)
Snorlax(special def and HP)

Please help with this as I am making a new competitive team!

Okay, fair enough: I was under the impression you were trying to reason the asker's argument and I'm sorry I addressed you that way. However I still do not believe your point proves much in this discussion. Nobody has said anything about Mega Salamence being all-powerful, just very threatening.
Hold up, you’re twisting my words. I never said MegaMence was bad, it’s amazing when it outspeeds a pokemon, but in my opinion, Salamence with Return isn’t as viable as other megas I’ve used, such as manectric. I have a MegaMence that I use in 1v1s but I don’t find it as viable in 6v6 with Mega Altaria with return and pixelate, as the defenses are so much better
And sumwun, I agree Mega Salamence is op, being one of the best megas in gen 6. But with my standards, with good enough coverage on my team, I can’t really see a niche for it. I already have haxorus for physical sweeper and I like to DDance with focus sash on Haxorus, and then on Mega Salamence would be destroyed with an outrage
Also this question went off topic, as the argument was between Drapion and Haxorus, not Salamence
If you like mega Manectric so much, then use a Rayquaza. Rayquaza doesn't take up the mega slot.

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I suggest Haxorus.

Drapion is a slightly bulkier Pokemon. His only weakness, ground, is shared by Manectric, who functions mainly as a offensive pivot. Drapion would not be able to reliably switch into attacks targeting Manectric. Drapion's 25% chance to land a crit, plus the 1.5x bonus of sniper could be devastating, but Haxorus is more predictable in his power.

Because Haxorus is a dragon type, there will be plenty of opportunities to switch him in, although you'll want to aim for later on in the match. The other members of your team do pretty well against fairy-types. Shaymin and Greninja can deal with anything really problematic, and an Overheat or Flamethower from Manectric will do devastating damage. They should be able to clear the way for Haxorus.
As long as Haxorus gets a chance to set up, it will destroy.
(he'll need at least one Dragon Dance under his belt, preferably two)

You already have two pretty good defensive mons, as well as two great special attackers and an offensive pivot.
Haxorus should complement your team nicely.

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