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Rest of team:
Mega Manectric

I know I have two Grass types but please don't take that into matter when answering the question.

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It has a amazing SpA and Speed, that let it to kill bulky Pokemon like Arceus and Kyogre and outspeed against some Choice Scarf users. And Serene Grace doubles the chance of flinching and dropping SpD harshly from Air Slash and Seed Flare to 40% and 80%. Immune to Entry hazard without SR. It has amazing moves, and after all a good Pokemon, and its in Uber.
But due to its poor defensive stats, you need to use Healing Wish.
When you foe will use a Ground type against Manectric, switch to Shaymin-Sky.
It is immune to Breloom's Spore and can kill it quickly with single Air Slash.

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Thanks for this! I was leaning towards Shaymin, but question. Why can't I use synthesis instead of healing wish? I've sweeped with him before and if i get low from life orb, I use synthesis
A good sweeper can instantly faint it after using synthesis due to 75 defense.
if you found shaymin aren't able to do something, use H-wish. it will fully heal the next pokemon.
Healing wish sacrifices shaymin and fully heals the next pokemon you send in. Rahat suggests it instead of synthesis because of shaymin's lackluster defenses. It might faint immediately after using synthesis.
Right, and +300 HP is nothing if a pokemon has 5 defense (blissey)