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Gender: Male, Gen3 Master, Poison Gym Leader (much better than Koga)
Country: You-Ess-Cray
Favorite Pokémon: Crobat, Jolteon, Breloom, Haunter, Houndoom, Flygon, Typhlosion, Murkrow, Kingdra, Rayquaza, Cacturne, Seviper, Zangoose, Scyther, Banette, Chimecho, Tentacruel, Weezing, Xurkitree, Latios and Latias.
Friend Codes: Don't got em.
I'm on showdown, tho.


Also on Discord. I'll give you my user if you ask.

Name Changes:

 ▕▔╲                              ╱▔▏
     ╲╱╲                     ╱╲╱
          ╲    ╲▂▂▂╱   ╱                ╱╲
          ╱                          ╲           ╱          ╲
          ▏▕▆▍▂▕▆▍ ▕     ╱           ╱
      ▕╭╮┈┳┻┳┈╭╮▏╲        ╱            
          ╲╯    ╰━╯    ╰╱        ╲     ╲
          ╱                          ╲              ╲     ╲
      ▕╲    ▕           ▏    ╱▏         ╱     ╱
      ▕    ▔▔           ▔▔    ▏    ╱    ╱
      ▕                                  ▏╱   ╱
          ╲                           ╱▔▔

I stole Imyetihearmeroar's Pikachu.
About me: I am a time traveling, extra-dimensional chihuahua, forever locked in vicious mortal combat with the Dumbo Flapperpus, all-powerful master of alchemy. I am also a representative of Shrimble, Shrimble, Shrimble, Shrimble and Fielding, attorneys at law.

This site has brought out my true lurker nature.

I'll pop on here from time to time, mainly because I still want to be on the front page of META. Just don't expect me to be here every day.

Lol I'm so behind the times. I just started playing Pokemon Go

Black Lives Matter
Blue Lives Matter
All Lives Matter
Stop Killing Everyone

an hour ago
Remember kids, violence is never the answer, unless the question is Jimmy

a minute ago
The difference is I'm actually funny and no one is smart enough to understand my brilliance

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do u gotz da fud
Sep 17 by ~azureshiram~
I am very intelligent
Aug 28 by Mr. Beast™
Only the first 3 seasons though.

The rest is traaaash
Aug 23 by FlappersFlappers
You replied 5 months later
Aug 17 by A typical glance.
Aug 17 by Mr. Beast™
my 21 year old ass watching spongebob with dinner smh
Mar 20 by FlappersFlappers
You're really good at replies
Mar 8 by A typical glance.
Yellow plus red is McDonald's
Feb 24 by A typical glance.

I surpassed you in points? O_O
Jan 10 by ~megaltaria~
Jan 7 by trz