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I mean, really? Breloom's Defenses are pretty-no-that-great....


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Two words, my good sir.

Fast Spore.

Three more words, if you will.

Technician Mach Punch.

But wait, I have two more!

Focus Sash.

All of the above are why Breloom is OU. He has access to Spore, one of the best moves in the game. It is a 100% accurate Sleep-inducing move. It is so good that only seven Pokémon have access to it (counting Smeargle). Breloom is the fastest user of Spore when under Tailwind, with the exception of Choice Scarf Smeargle under Tailwind.

It also has the ability Technician, and STAB Mach Punch. Mach Punch is priority, a good thing to have in this super-speedy tier. Technician boost its power from 40 to 90 (with STAB), and it also boosts Bullet Seed and Rock Tomb.

The reason Breloom is able to contend with the OU tier is the Focus Sash. This allows it to virtually guaruntee a Spore. Look at this scenario:

Breloom is up against Talonflame at 100% HP with the Sash intact. They are both the last Pokémon. Talonflame uses Brave Bird for the KO. But wait! Breloom hangs on with 1 HP thanks to the Focus Sash and Spores Talonflame! Talon is asleep next turn, allowing Breloom to safely KO with Rock Tomb or Bullet Seed.

In conclusion, Breloom is completely viable in OU, and it has a reason to be there. It's performance is hindered by it's middling defences and 4x weakness to the omnipresent Flying-type, but with the right support he can be an absolute nightmare.

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dang, didn't think of focus sash.
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Defences are not everything - Breloom is a massive offensive threat in OU who packs some one of the most powerful priority attacks in the tier, the ability to reliably put Pokemon to sleep and great coverage moves.

Mach Punch, coming off Technician and base 130 Attack, is an extremely powerful priority attack that allows it to revenge kill plenty of Pokemon with ease. Priority Fighting moves are fantastic in OU as they allow you to OHKO threats like Bisharp and Scarftar. If you run Life Orb you can also KO Excadrill, Lopunny and many others. Bullet Seed is also insanely powerful; to put it into perspective, if it hits every time, it's almost as powerful as Mach Punch is on several Pokemon weak to Fighting. If you use the Life Orb set, even physically defensive Rotom-W dies to it. Rock Tomb is a fantastic move due to its ability to catch Flying mons on the switch and lower their Speed to hit them again, if not KO them. Breloom can also run Technician-boosted Force Palm or Swords Dance in its place, though Rock Tomb is better in my experience.

Breloom also packs the ability to put Pokemon to sleep, and as you'd know, this is incredibly useful as it can allow you to put a switch-in to sleep and hopefully kill it or switch. Breloom's Speed isn't fantastic, but it puts it into a great speed tier. It bumps it over the amount needed to outspeed Azumarill and Magnezone and allows it to move before base 80 Pokemon that don't run a Speed-boosting nature, which means it can move before a ton of Pokemon who'd otherwise kill Breloom before it does anything.

Breloom can also run a Poison Heal set that runs bulk - you're right, Breloom doesn't have great bulk and typically runs Focus Sash as a result, but it does have a decent defensive typing and a passable 80 Defence (same as Alomomola which is bulky as heck so it's not that bad). It's not as viable as it was in BW before the rise of birdspam, but it can still function as a decent physical wall with sleep support.

tl;dr: it's far too powerful for UU, and it is one of the few Pokemon with access to accurate sleep moves. Fantastic Pokemon in OU, basically zero chance of falling to UU.

130 Base Power?! Wher did that come from?!
No, that's Breloom's base Attack stat. Mach Punch still has 40 base power. The Technician and STAB boosts are not added to the base power of the move, they're added later in the calculation. It's still effectively a 90 base power move though, there isn't much difference. Very powerful.
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because of mach that let's him go first and technician and high attack. mach punch has 90 base power including stab. also, for slower opponents he can use spore.