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This is in OU.


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Well, let's look and see what each one of these pokes can do...

Honestly, this is one of the best Mixed attackers in sun teams, a great counter to Mamoswine and Heatran, and the perfect abuser of an Expert Belt, Choice Band, or Life Orb, the last one being its best item. Only this deadly best is good for a short while, and despises anything that is scarfed, as 1 or 2 hits will ruin it... good if you need something to wreck certain threats.

to be honest, I have no experience using this guy, but I do from battling it. Best Pokemon that can abuse Spore and is in OU. Sets can vary from Techniloom to SubBU sets, and doing it with ease with the help of a sleep inducing move that has 100% accuracy. His Special defense is a let down, and he isn't that fast, so beware of that...

DAYUM! look at that base 140 attack! Anyways, this guy has a lot of potential. it can run a Guts set and kill everything with Mach Punch, while healing off damage with Drain punch, or it can run a Bulk Up set, and proceed to sweep. Or if you are like me, and like to experiment, he can even run a Sub + Bulk Up set, and take the time to set up on a forretress or Ferrothorn, whom he both outspeeds, giving him the opportunity to get a Free sub and a free Bulk up, if they decide to switch or attack. Very nice poke, but dislikes Special attacks and certainly dislikes Reuniclus, Alakazam, and Espeon, who just destroy him with one of their Psychic attacks.

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I would use an Infernape. It has better speed than all of them and a decent Attack and Special Attack which makes it an awesome Mixed Sweeper. Conkeldurr has low speed but high attack which can get 2HKO' or even OHKO. Although, if you really want a strong attacker, go with Haxorus because it has good speed and 147 Attack power. Breloom is on the same page as Conkeldurr, low speed and high attack. Overall, I would go with Iron Fist Infernape.

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Well, I would say Conkeldurr. Okay stats, an excellent move pool, and access to many great abilities. I've been using this guy, and I love him. Infernape is also good, for the above reasons, and he makes an excellent U-Turner or Choice Pokemon. Breloom is Ok, but he is usually outclassed by Infernape and Conkeldurr.

Technicianroom is deadly