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You see, I need a counter for an offensive Infernape. Something which can potentially resist all it's attacks and as a bonus manage to KO it with Stall/Attack whatever. Thanks :D
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Idk why people are suggesting Gyarados it gets raped by the all-too-common Thunder Punch Nape
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But Nape outspeed Gyara and a -1 Thunderpunch will still do a buttload of damage if it doesn't KO
Defensive Gyarados. BAM.
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Defensive Dos can go to hell. BOOM.
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Latias and Latios resist almost every single common move Nape carries besides HP Ice which doesn't do that much, and both Lati twins can outspeed and OHKO with any STAB move or Surf.

Tentacruel can take down Infernapes not carrying Earthquake or Thunderpunch, and I beleive it can take both of those just not comfortably.

Conkeldurr - Conk can take at least 1 hit from Nape and smash it with a Drain Punch, or revenge it with a Mach Punch.

Infernape is a frail Pokemon and most unresisted priority moves will take it down, even some that aren't resisted. Infernape has trouble with most everything that ouspeeds it, such as Alakazam or Starmie, but those are offensive counters and are only good for revenging Nape.

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Although Infernape is excellent at playing the role of a sweeper, its defensive stats are meager, so it has to watch out for bulky Pokemon which can take a shot and retaliate, along with faster Pokemon and those which carry priority attacks. However, Infernape's specific counters and checks depend on which set it is using. For example, if Infernape is using a physically based set, such as MixApe or Choice Band, Pokemon such as Gyarados and Salamence will spell doom for Infernape due to Intimidate and their resistances to Infernape's STAB attacks. Latios and Latias are also magnificent checks due to their respectable bulk, great Speed, and well placed resistances. Bulky Water-types also do magnificently at checking Infernape, as long as they do not switch into a boosted Close Combat or Focus Blast, as they can take advantage of their resistance to Fire Blast and Flare Blitz and dispose of Infernape with a super effective Water-type attack. Tentacruel, however, can even take the Fighting-type STAB attacks and KO back with Scald. Finally, priority attack users such as Conkeldurr threaten Infernape; due to its frailty, their priority moves will quickly and efficiently end an Infernape sweep.

So Inferape is notorious mixed attacker which makes it extremely difficult to wall effectivily. It's low bulk however makes it weak to strong priority moves. T-Wave can also damage it greatly. In sun Salad and Gyarados will be taking it's hits the best while running Intimidate. You can also try to outspeed it with a clorophyll abuser for a KO.

I personally like to use Gengar to outspeed it. If it's running Choice Scarf then Gengar is outsped. Alakazam also hits it nicely. Both have higher speed and wicked attacks to KO.

Do you think Lati_s could be a good check?
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Yep, Lati_s resist Infernape's Stab moves. The problem with using a full out wall, is that Infernape can run mixed sets. If it does pokes like Blissey and Gliscor are unable to wall it effectively.
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Gliscor are very effective against infernape. They can stall it to death with toxic or get rid of it with earthquake.

[email protected] orb
Trait:Poison heal


This is a very effective moveset,
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Any Mixnapes carrying HP Ice would make quick work of this :/
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>Pokemon such as Gyarados and Salamence will spell doom for Infernape due to Intimidate and their resistances to Infernape's STAB attacks.

So Gyarados and Salamence is Infernape's nightmares, But you I see that you need a wall.
[email protected] can easy beat Infernape. What about Jellicent? Jellicent ressists Fire and cant be hitted by Infernape's fighting moves. Scald is a great move to use on infernape too. Taunt prevents Swords dance Infernapes.
I would go with this.

Jellicent @ Leftovers
Trait: Water Absorb
EVs 248 HP / 216 Def / 44 Spe
Bold Nature
- Scald
- Shadow Ball
- Recover
- Taunt

I hope you will like it


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Chandelure @ Air Balloon
Ability: Flash Fire
EVs: 172 HP / 84 Def / 252 SpA
Calm Nature
- Psychic
- Hidden Power [Fighting]
- Flamethrower
- Shadow Ball
This Chandelure can simply wipe the floor with Infernape. It is immune to ape's stab, and earthquake won't help either. Chandelure seems to have been made to calm Infernape down.