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We don't allow trade discussion threads like this one appeared to be, since they aren't really questions. But instead of taking this down I changed the question so that you can know how to get one yourself, at least. I hope you do not mind.
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You, first, must breed to get your HA. Also, you must breed with another Pokémon that learns Thunder Punch and Fire Punch. Medicham can learn both of those through level-up and can pass them down through egg moves, since it and Infernape are in the Human-Like egg group. By then, you should get your HA Infernape with Fire Punch and Thunder Punch.

Again, any Pokemon that can learn an egg move and can breed can pass down the egg move.
Fine, whatever you say.
You're joking, right? For the Moves to be passed down, they just need to A.) Be know by either of the parents, and B.) Be listed Egg Moves of the female. It's really that simple.
No, they have to be listed as egg moves of the Pokemon in the egg. For example, Azurill can know egg moves that aren't listed as Marill's egg moves.
Yes, but 95% of the time, the female Pokemon will be the one in the Egg, evolutions notwithstanding.