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Not a must to be chimchar, it could be monferno or infernape too. I got a Chimchar in ORAS but it was a male so I couldn't breed it with another Pokemon with Iron Fist!

1. You can't pass abilities like that. You need the Chimchar/Monferno/Infernape to have Iron Fist. 2. Even if you could do that, you could just use a Ditto and breed until you get a female one.
I have a female chimchar with Iron Fist

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They are very rare. The only way you could get them without hacking or breeding is by a special Walmart Promomtion when BW came out. They gave you a serial code when you bought one you could choose a Gen 4 HA starter

Method 1
Breed a Chimchar with a Ditto until you get a female Chimchar. Grab a male HA Pangoro and breed the female Chimchar with the male Pangoro. You should get a HA Chimchar. There is 20% chance though

Method 2

Try and trade one on the GTS don't get caught in a trap though. As some people lie about their ability.

Method 3
Ask to borrow a Female/Male HA Chimchar. But remember to give it back . I borrow a few Pokemon from my friends and I trade over one of my prized Pokemon so that if I did by chance loose/release/trade by accident they'd have that Pokemon to keep.

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Breeding a non-HA Pokémon with an HA Ditto does NOT result in an HA offspring, ever. Either the other Pokémon needs its HA when breeding with Ditto, or the female needs its HA when not breeding with Ditto.
Yeah, method 1 is incorrect
Does the Pangoro need HA to pass down iron fist
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If your Chimchar in OR/AS already has Iron Fist, then breed it with Ditto. When breeding with Ditto, the gender doesn't matter and the HA can be passed down anyway. Put your Iron Fist Chimchar in the Day Care with a Ditto, come back later, get the egg, and hatch it. The newborn Chimchar will have Iron Fist.

However, if your Chimchar in OR/AS has the Blaze ability, there is no possible way to breed Iron Fist onto another Chimchar without a female HA Chimchar. There are several different ways you can obtain Iron Fist Chimchar/Monferno/Infernape:


    This is probably your best way to get an HA Chimchar. Make sure you offer something good in  return, as HA Chimchar are very rare.

Wonder Trade

    This method is hardly reliable, as the chances of getting the Pokémon you want are slim. Still, you might get lucky.


   It is strongly  unadvised to hack your Pokémon game, as it usually has nasty side affects. However, if you use a sight such as PokéGen to create a *legal* HA Chimchar (this means that everything will have to be done EXACTLY the same as a Chimchar obtained in-game) and transfer it to your game, hopefully everything will go smoothly. Only use this method as a last  resort, if you ever do.

Ask around

  Use the Chat room on this site to see if anyone has an HA Chimchar that they're willing to trade or are able to breed one for you.. This is an effective way of getting Pokémon, but still inferior to the GTS. I have used it to obtain a Bagon that I was having trouble finding. Definitely try this out.

I hope that one of these methods help you to get the Chimchar you're looking for. Good luck!

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What do you mean by HA pokemon?
HA stands for Hidden Ability.