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Power-Up-Punch on an Iron Fist Infernape. 90 BP + +1 Attack seems pretty tempting.
Also include pros, cons, better moves and what would fit in.

So, would it work?

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Iron Fist - The power of punching moves is increased by 20%.

In the first Power-Up-Punch = 40 Base Power x 1.2 = 48 BP
In the second attack it will be 48 x 1,5 x 20% = aproximatted 80-90 BP

If you see, Close Combat is better, giving a 120 BP. Also Infernape doesn't have much defense and have much weakness like ground, water.. that are very common in competitive.
I suggest you to use Power-Up-Punch in a Mega Kangaskhan because hit twice, doubling the attack boost and Close Combat in Infernape.
Also you have a priority Mach Punch on Infernape.

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Thanks! :D
Dang it, nice answer man!
its 79.4 BP
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It seems like an ok strategy, but here are some flaws
>Topsy Turvy
Shadow Tag Mega Gengar
Roar, Dragon Tail etc
Those were the only ones I could think of
Hope I helped

I hate to tell you, but I don't think anyone would use Topsy-Turvy competitively.
I use it in Balanced Hackmons.
But yeah, almost nobody use it in normal tiers.
One word : Hackmons
My Hackmons team is 6 Arceus xD