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If my Infernape had its hidden ability (Iron Fist) would the power of focus punch go from 150 to 180 because of iron fist and then go up to 270 power because its power is boosted because Infernape is a Fighting type?

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Yes that is exactly correct, they all multiply together. Iron Fist is 20% extra (x1.2) and STAB is 50% extra (x1.5).

So the power would be 150 x 1.2 x 1.5 = 270

You could also hold an item like Fist Plate for another 20% extra (324 total) or Fighting Gem for 50% extra on the first move (405 total)!!

does this mean infernape can deal the most damage in one turn out of any pokemon?
Nope.. That reward goes to Conkeldurr, who also  has Iron Fist & Focus Punch STAB and the highest Attack stat amongst all Fighting types capable of learning that move.
Wouldn't a guts boosted focus punch (50% boost) be more powerful than an iron fist boosted focus punch (20% boost)
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Yes; Focus Punch is one of the moves that is boosted by Iron Fist (20% boost).

Iron Fist: 150 x 1.2 = 180
STAB: 180 x 1.5 = 270

Bulbapedia - Iron Fist

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