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I'm training an Infernape along with a Weavile, a Clefable and a Lucario. Since Infernape knows Assist, will Iron Fist work on Weavile's Ice Punch, Clefable's Meteor Mash & Mega Punch and Lucario's Bullet Punch &Sky Uppercut as if Infernape had them in it's own move set? or will using Assist negate Iron Fist's effect on the moves when used by the Infernape?

-note, Infernape knows Fire Punch & Thunder Punch, and I'm asking because Meteor Mash didnt seem to do as much damage against a Snorlax as Thunder Punch did....

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Assist + Punching Moves works. Your Infernape had iron fist so it would boost the moves used with a punch. Although I'm not sure about thunder punch taking more damage then meteor mash. But Assist would work.

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