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So I decided to do Pokemon emerald with hardcore rules and so I started with torchick and get blaziken but then I realized for a balanced team I need a grass type so my options are breloom and cacturne. I cant figure whose dual typing will be better in hoenn so please help me complete my team.

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Breloom is much better, but bcoz you already have a fighting type, use Cacturne

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  • Very High Attack stat of 130
  • Average speed of 70.
  • As we know that grass is Special in Gen-3, Breloom's grass stab doesn't hit hard.
  • It doesn't do anything that Blaziken can't do (Shares Fighting typing with Blaziken).


  • Good attacking stats, each of 115
  • Does good against Phoebe.
  • Very slow
  • Very Frail
  • Strongest stab's base power is just 60.

As you can see, grass types are either horrendous or don't suit to Blaziken team, except maybe Vileplume.

One grass Pokemon that's a lot better than Cacturne (and doesn't share a type with Blaziken) is Vileplume, which gets sleep powder and sludge bomb.
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You can also use it (Sleep Powder helps your team greatly), but I would give you a better alternative, mainly for Flying types Blaziken is weak to.

Grass typing covers Water, Rock & Ground right? So I would recommend you a good Electric type and a Water type.

Manectric has good attacking stats, available early, is fast, useful against Winona, Juan and Wallace, and is able to counter water types, but it has poor movepool.

Ability: Static / Lightning Rod
- Thunderbolt
- Thunder Wave
- Bite / Crunch (if you can acquire)
- Strength / anything else

Tentacruel is available as early as Dewford town, is fast, is a great surfer, useful against Flannery, Winona (Ice Beam) and Drake (Ice Beam again), and is able to counter rock and ground types.

Ability: Liquid Ooze / Clear Body
- Surf
- Waterfall
- Dive
- Ice Beam

Hope this helps :)

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I was thinking of taking them any ways.
I didn't understand whom you meant (them..)
You forgot to mention that Cacturne's strongest STAB move has 60 base power. One grass Pokemon that's a lot better than Cacturne (and doesn't share a type with Blaziken) is Vileplume, which gets sleep powder and sludge bomb.
I thought of Vileplume, but I personally think that the asker's team needs a good counter for Flying types, which Manectric easily does. I'll take comment to your account though.
I had a team in mind in which grass is important because grass will help me beat ground types if my water types faint.I personally asked about 2 of the best grass types cacturne(because of dark type) and breloom(because of fighting type) I asked all of the pokemon community for help.I know there is vile plume but because of poison already being on my team that being tentacruel having grass poison not a help.
Both are definitely worse than vileplume. How about Ludicolo? Type overlap doesn't matter here as they don't share a common weakness. They could also share Water HMs with each other.
Why are you more worried about ground than you are about other types, especially when none of the gym leaders and Elite 4 specialize in ground?