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Note - I'm still in Rustboro Gym so obviously I can't get either Shiftry, Breloom or Ludicolo this early but I can get their pre evolved forms then evolve them later.

Please don't suggest Cacturne or any other Grass types.

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Are you ok with type overlap? as Ludicolo shares a type with Mudkip
if its fine with you is it possible to say a team plan?
like you have realts,zigzagoon and mudkip can you tell the other 2 pokmeon that you are planning to use because it will help me answer it.Also plz mention if natures are required.
im ok with a type overlap
Breloom is almost definitely the best grass Pokemon in the game. Ignoring stat changes, Breloom's sky uppercut does more damage on average than all of Shiftry's and Ludicolo's moves. Considering stat changes, Breloom learns bulk up, which is one of the most overpowered moves in the game and lets Breloom solo several gym battles.
Also Swellow is better than both Linoone and Skarmory. You can keep Zigzagoon as a HM slave and pickup user, but I recommend not giving it any experience.
thanks.....but im still keeping skarmory

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I did some more research and breloom will be the best in your team.Here is how I made breloom the best.

lotad - good early game

         early mid evolution
         late final evolution

seedot - no good moves

           need to use tms
           only good as hm slave

shroomish - fairly good early game

                 gets status moves
                 wide moveset after evo

After seeing all this and your team breloom will be the clear winner as an added bonus it will beat norman which would be difficult or else.I'll also give you the best nature and moveset.

[email protected] seed
nature-hasty or naive
moveset -
giga drain - nice healing move that deals solid damage
bulk up - nice set up so breloom can sweap
sky uppercut - strong move that gets stab
mach punch - always good to have priority move.

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Giga drain and miracle seed are not useful on Breloom because it has very low special attack. Leech seed is much better for healing. Also Breloom wants a strong normal attack like return, because a lot of Pokemon resist fighting.
Normal won't be as  usefull and with a spat ev train it can easily be a strong move that can sweap.
Also the reason I didn't give him return because he has zigzagoon that will be linoone which with return and pre poisoned facade can do a lot of damage especelly facade.
why did you say normal isnt useful? its very much useful especially for physical attackers.

252+ Atk Breloom Return vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Linoone: 182-215 (61.2 - 72.3%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
breloom using return to linoone WITHOUT boosting item.
252+ SpA Miracle Seed Breloom Giga Drain vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Linoone: 147-174 (49.4 - 58.5%) -- 98.4% chance to 2HKO
breloom using giga drain to linoone WITH miracle seed.
return is definitely way better, or even facade for breloom.
and not everyone likes ev train.

+note: leech seed is even better
chesta I've always used this moveset on breloom and it always works like a charm.
Also I mentioned that linoone gets stab from return which is pretty strong i've used it in a nuzlocke and it just sweapt maxie,archie,sydney,flannery and a few more whose name I don't remember.
will it work? yes
return on linoone? yes
giga drain breloom? pretty nice with healing
leech seed breloom? way better and why? no need for its poor spc.attack, heals good chunk and doing good cripple damage. and like i said not everyone loves ev train. in fact, we dont need it if we only using it for in-game. also black belt is pretty good item for breloom and lets finish the discussion here, everyone have their own set and we cant complain, just giving advice ;)
I have used sky uppercut, return, bulk up, and leech seed, and that moveset also worked like a charm. Switching to Linoone is often not a good idea, because that gets rid of all your boosts from bulk up.
Also I don't like black belt because it takes a long time to get.
i agree with sumwun, that set works really well.

oh, i just know that. what item then?