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- Respectable Special Attack and Special Defense
- Has fewer weaknesses than a pure Grass type
- Can be obtained (Lotad) early
- Evolves (Lombre) early
- Good against both evil teams (at least the Fire and Water Pokemon they use)
- Learns a lot of HMs
- Gets to use both STABs well, as both are special

- It'll be overlapping types with a starter unless you chose Torchic
- A Water Stone can be hard to obtain
- Mediocre stats in the other four categories
- Learns nothing via level up once a Ludicolo

Ludicolo @ anything
Ability: Swift Swim
- Giga Drain
- Surf / Waterfall / Dive
- Ice Beam
- Fake Out / Strength / really anything else

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Water stone being hard to get is probably the biggest con. The next one is that it learns no good moves before learning surf. Breloom gets strength (Lombre does too, but its physical attack is almost 3 times lower), Gyarados gets thrash, Azumarill and Tentacool get bubblebeam, and Gloom gets sleep powder.