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In debating the best Ice type for my Platinum run. Please list all pros and all cons. Thank you.

Use a Floatzel that knows ice punch. It's better than every ice Pokemon.
or any special attacking water type with ice beam
Yeah... ice is highly outclassed by water types that know an ice move.

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In no particular order:


  • Evolves kinda late at level 40.
  • No good Ice type moves till late game (unless using TM 13 Ice Beam).
  • Snover and Abomasnow are found abundantly in the wild.
  • Gives decent Grass coverage should you need it.
  • Far too many weaknesses, especially Fire, Bug which are used by the Elite 4.
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  • Swinub and Piloswine are found in the wild
  • Evolves reasonably at level 33. After that you need a Heart Scale to make it learn AncientPower and then you an get a Mamoswine as early as level 34.
  • No good Ice type moves to use with its high Attack.
  • Gives good Ground coverage, useful versus the 8th gym.
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  • Eevee needs to be caught at Trophy Garden and evolved near an Icy Rock.
  • No good Ice type moves to use with its high Special Attack till very late game (unless TM 13 Ice Beam).
  • (everybody knows Espeon is the best eeveelution; Umbreon stanners fite me 1v1 irl)


  • Great Speed and typing, well rounded but average other stats.
  • No good Ice type moves till late game (unless using TM 13 Ice Beam).
  • Needs a Dawn Stone to evolve, so you can get one the moment you get the Dawn Stone and have your Snorunt.
  • Snorunt is catchable in the wild
  • (creepy af)


  • Evolves very late at level 42.
  • No good Ice type moves till late game (unless using TM 13 Ice Beam).
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  • Needs Razor Claw to evolve
  • No good Ice type moves (unless using Move Tutor for Ice Punch).
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All Ice Pokemon are trash because they don't learn good moves, and if they do, they learn Physical moves when their Special Attack is high and vice versa. None naturally learn the best Ice move Ice Beam without a TM.

You're better off using a Water type with Ice Beam or Ice Punch.

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Yes an Espeon fan awesome welcome to the squad.
This looks very good!  Also I think Espeon is like an 8/10 am I safe? Lol
Idk if you are safe. Are you?

Also, “creepy af” describes Froslass perfectly.
I haven’t been attacked yet, so I think an 8/10 is good enough.
Oh yeah and the Froslass thing is a wonderful description.
eevee isn't found in the trophy garden. It's a gift in hearthrome
Hey Emty, I'll take you up on that Eeveelution fight. Umbreon is clearly superior to Glaceon, after all.
X you have crossed the line, liking Umbreon more.
Teaching ice punch and swords dance to a Weavile is a perfectly reasonable thing to do, and I think that makes Weavile the best ice Pokemon in the game. It's still worse than ice punch Floatzel, though.