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I was thinking of doing a Soulsilver playthrough, and wanted to use a lesser-used Grass type. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

The only pro of using Sunflora would be that you get use a different starter. Its stats are horrible, would not recommend using it
sunflora isn't all that bad in-game. i used it in a hg nuzlocke, it did amazing.
Sunflora has higher special attack.
@CC Any Pokemon can do amazing if it gets enough experience.

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Note: I will not be including typing because they are both Grass types.
- Has a good Special Attack of 105
- Has very decent HP and Special Defense of 85
- Access to Giga Drain, Petal Dance/Solar Beam and Hidden Power for special movepool. Sludge Bomb is also viable.
- You can evolve it by a Sun Stone, which is obtainable at the Bug Catching Contest which is at the National Park.
- Can heal via Synthesis, Leech Seed and Ingrain.
- Horrible defense of 55 and 30 Speed. However, Speed can be doubled by Sunny Day with its ability Chlorophyll. However, it will take a lot of levelling up to compensate.
- It's pre evolution has a base stat total of 180, so good luck until you get the Sun Stone.
- Lacks any Special moveset at all outside of Grass Type moves. All it gets are Hidden Power and Sludge Bomb.
- Has a 525 base stat total, 100 more than Sunflora.
- Good 100 defenses and 80 HP.
- Basically even attack stats increase its movepool options
- Decent movepool of Facade, Razor Leaf ingame, no move tutors.
- Can heal via Synthesis, however unreliable.
- Can stall with Toxic which suits its role better.
-Very poor movepool overall. It doesn't have enough moves to suit the stalling role or sweeping*.
- Facade and Razor Leaf are its only viable moves, unless you want to use Petal Blizzard, to damage Poison and Steel Types that can't be poisoned.
Overall, Meganium is the clear winner. Its higher base stat total and decent stats all around allow it to last longer and not be concerned about being taken out by a physical attack. While Sunflora probably has a better movepool, Meganium has enough to be able to damage and to stall. Both are obtainable early ingame, so I believe Meganium wins. This is just my opinion though. I also may have !missed a few points.

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Meganium is much easier to evolve.
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-Good defenses
-Wide/varied movepool
-Starter (Starters are more likely to receive more attention, which eventually leads them to be overlevelled- if you have a level cap this might be a problem, though)
-Well rounded stats
-Learns a decent amount of HMs
-Decent Speed

-Meganium has the most weaknesses out of all the starters
-Meganium also has the most disadvantages with the Gyms (normally this wouldn't be a problem but it's your starter, soooo...)


-Good SpA
-Variation between special and physical moves (this can be helpful in a nuzlocke if, say your Sunflora has an Adamant nature)

-Horrible Speed
-Poor Defense
-Useless Abilities (both of its Abilities are based on sunlight, don't waste a move spot on Sunny Day- and I highly doubt you'll find a Hidden Ability one)
-Pretty difficult to evolve (You can only find the Sun Stone by winning a Bug Catching Contest or buying it in Pokeathlon Dome. You can also find it on Route 13 in Kanto. You want to evolve Sunkern as quickly as possible- it's weak enough to be infamous for it)

With all that said, you should probably pick Meganium. I normally wouldn't be too picky, but Sunkern is extremely weak unless you overlevel it like crazy. It could seriously affect your nuzlocke.

Hope I helped :)