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Favorite Pokémon: Oh gosh, I have a lot. Eventually, I'll have a list beneath this. Okay, let's-a-go (in no particular order)! Luxray, Probopass, Klingklang, Sharpedo, Togedemaru, Alolan Raichu, Bewear, Golurk, Cloyster, Corvinight, Toxtricity, Lanturn, Copperajah, Mamoswine, Gliscor, Gallade, Gardevoir, Krookidile, Staraptor, Magcargo, Quag(sire), Dugtrio, Arcanine, Machamp, Magnazone, Electrode, Crobat, Sudowoodo, Ampharos, Azumarill, Heracross, Octillery, Mantine, Hariyama, Aggron, Wailord, Camerupt, Flygon, Spoink, Cacturne, Walrein, Metagross, Hippodown, Drapion, Toxicroak, Yamega, Crustle, Mr. Rime, Runerigus, Chandelure, Aegislash, Trevenant, Palossand, Minior, Grapploct, Coalossal, Drednaw, Barraskewda, Flapple | If anyone makes a PokeRap out of this, I will forever classify them as legally skilled lol
Friend Codes: :L

(YT: NswiftGamer)
About me: Hi! My name's Nathan.  While I just made an account now (May 30, 2020), I believe have looking through the pages of it since around 2013.  

5/30/20: Started My Account, and got 20 points
5/30/20: Asked My First Question
5/31/20: Answered my first... answer
5/31/20: 30 Points
5/31/20: First answer on Meta
5/31/20: First answer on Rate My Team
6/1/20: 50 Points!
6/1/20: First Official Best Answer!
6/1/20: 80 Points
6/1/20: 100 Points! (Wow)
6/1/20: 40 Points on RMT
6/1/20: Top 1000!
6/1/20: Top 250 on RMT!
6/1/20: 150 Points
6/2/20: 200 Points!
6/2/20: 250 Points!
6/4/20: Top 500 Users!
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6/13/20: 400 Points
6/13/20: Top 400 Users!
6/18/20: 500 Points!
6/18/20: Ranked #333 on Pokebase
6/26/20: 600 Points!
6/26/20: Top 300
6/30/20: 700 Points!
6/30/20: 1 Month on DB
7/1/20: 750 Points
7/6/20: 800 Points
7/14/20: 900 Points
7/22/20: 1000 Points!
8/9/20: 1100 Points
8/16/20: 1,200 Points
9/?/20: 1,300 Points
1/14/21: 1,400 Points

My first Pokémon game was Platinum, where I basically used just my Empoleon.  Since then though, I've gotten every game released, and have expanded my knowledge of it greatly, thanks to this site!  

Some Recent Shinies:
- Spheal
- Rolycoly
- Kyogre
- Cramorant
- Swellow
- Drapion
- Nuzleaf
- Froslass
- Golurk

KEE-OH-GREE is a legend (lol)

Shoutout to ItsYaBoiFlareon for ACTUALLY making the Pokérap and being legally skilled.

So yeah, I'm kinda inactive now. I check the site once a day or so, so feel free to post on my wall.

Update 12/31/22: Dang I still kinda exist I guess lol

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I'm glad you've been doing alright. :3
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Pretty good, I've been playing Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility and now Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. I highly doubt you know what I'm talking about, but I married Luke and now have two kids in AP, a boy named Junior and a girl named June. They're the cutest things. :3

How about you?
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glad u arent yet :0
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