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I just wanted to know the benefits of Gyarados in doubles, VGC format. Although its stats seem a bit sulky, it has been a massive dynamaxer over the past few months, wrecking havoc amongst teams with moxie boosts after every K.O. Thus, the question is, what are the full extents of Gyarados's advantages and disadvantages?

Also, please list an optimal moveset for Gyarados!


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•Awesome 125 attack
•Access to Dragon Dance
•Only two weaknesses, one being weak to its STAB
•STABS turn in to Max Airstream and Max Geyser in dynamax
•Nice coverage movepool with Stone Edge, Crunch, Eathquake, etc.
•Good defending stats
•4x weak to electric
•Only flying STAB is bounce
A good moveset would be:
[email protected] Orb
EVs:252 Atk/252 Spe/4 HP
•Dragon Dance
If you can, set up Dragon Dance before you dynamax. Max Airstream boosts speed. Max Geyser brings rain, which boosts it further. Max Quake covers Electric and raises SpD

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Gyarados doesn't only have one weakness. It's weak to rock and electric.
Earthquake and STAB Waterfall covers its Rock Type weakness.
Bulbapedia states:
normally by:   
Normal    1×
Flying    1×
Poison    1×
Ghost    1×
Grass    1×
Psychic    1×
Ice    1×
Dragon    1×
Dark    1×
Fairy    1×
Weak to:   
Rock    2×
Electric    4×
Immune to:   
Ground    0×
Resistant to:   
Fighting    ½×
Bug    ½×
Steel    ½×
Fire    ½×
Water    ½×
Intimidate is also useful