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I always used Machamp as my Fighting type, but this time I want to switch things around and use Hariyama. I want some help to figure out a good moveset, ability and nature and usually they end up bad so I want it to be good plus all my Fighting types are mainly the best Pokemon on my team, from the in game trade of Machop (GSC and HGSS) or the in game trade Machamp (a Machoke due it being a trade evo it becomes Machamp) in Pokemon Yellow.

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I don't know how good Machamp is, but the best fighting Pokemon that you can get without trading are Blaziken, Breloom, Hariyama, and Heracross. All of them, including Hariyama, can defeat several gym leaders by themselves if they use bulk up and a fighting STAB move. The other 2 moves are less important.
I'm sorry, is this asking if Hariyama is good, or asking for a good moveset for it? Because the actual question says the former, while the description said the latter.

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First, Hariyama is likely slightly worse than Blaziken and Breloom, mostly because it's slower and can't learn sky uppercut. I don't know whether it's worse than Machamp. If you're sure you want to use Hariyama instead of Blaziken and Breloom, then this is probably the best moveset.

Hariyama @ silk scarf/soft sand
Ability: thick fat
EVs: 100 Atk
- vital throw -> brick break
- strength -> return
- bulk up
- dig -> earthquake

The fighting attacks get STAB, and the normal and ground attacks are for coverage. Bulk up is important because it lets Hariyama completely solo several important battles, like Flannery, Norman, Juan, Sidney, and Glacia.

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Thanks it was help full a lot
You're welcome I guess.