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Gender: Snowboy
Country: SnowmanVille
Favorite Pokémon: style: froslass, jigglypuff, cyndaquil ---------------------------------------- battle: armaldo, cradily, klefki, skarmory, mega glalie, ninjask, mega beedrill --------------------------------------- legends: jirachi, heatran, regice --------------- -------------- ------------------------- --------------- ------------------- ---------------- --------- ------ --------------------------- All time favorite: banette
Friend Codes: Games I Play: pokemon; mario; zelda; minecraft; terraria; jetpack joyride;PVZ;kirby; monster hunter; harvest moon; little big planet; lego games; sonic (colors); sort of tekken, naruto, soul caliber, and call of duty; smash bros; donkey kong

future name changes, but can't be done since ima stupid and can't understand how:
-Lord Banny(Mail)
-Queen Banny(Mail)

My Triples League, Crystal League
Gym 1:
Gym 2:
Gym 3:
Gym 4:
Gym 5:
Gym 6:
Gym 7:
Gym 8:
Elite 1: My friend (electric type) [mega ampharos]
Elite 2:
Elite 3:
Elite 4:
Champion: Me! [mega is a secret]
Tell me if you want to be anything. Everybody gets a mega! Tell which one you want.

Pokeheroes: FrostyPokeBlast
Showdown: frosladandiknow
About me: hi, i am a snowman wanting to play video games with monsters that somehow shrink and then can fit in your pocket.

pokemon that should get megas:
-froslass ( i mean, glalie got one)
-dragalge ( need a gen 6 mega and can get big flappy, hose like cannons that kind of spread out on the end.)
-mamoswine ( phy sweeper with good def)
-lapras ( can be water and steel type and can be the greatest wall ever with iron barbs ability because of super spiky armor all over and a giant spike on the shell in between all the other spikes)
-ninjask ( 21 more speed to outspeed deoxys, 109 more atk,  30 less sp atk, ultimate phy sweeper)
-armaldo/ bisharp ( ultimate phy tank)
-cradily ( beast staller, with decent offense)
-jellicent ( another beast wall with cursed body still)
-golurk ( no gaurd will do, more attack and bulk)
-flygon x ( will look like a vampire and be ghost and dragon type and have the ability phantom energy, which turns normal moves turn into ghost moves. sp atk for stab boomburst)
Flygon x
ability: phantom energy
type: dragon, ghost
-flygon y ( physical attack. same types, more speed and attack, and ability will be mold breaker)
-hydreigon ( he needs one, doesn't have stats to back up offense. sp atk, and multihead ability, which is basically parental bond, probably would be in ubers)
more details on these soon.

Friend list:
-SD card (sapphire diancie)

Favorite Types: Bug, Ghost, and Rock(#1)

Favorite pokemon of each type:
Normal: Audino, Delcatty, and Stoutland
Fire: Typhlosion, Heatran, and Delphox
Grass:Venusaur, Cradily, and Ferrothorn
Water: Empoleon, Luvdisc, and Tentacruel
Electric: Luxray, Ampharos, and Rotom
Psychic: Slowbro, Victini, and Chimecho
Ghost: Banette, Froslass, and Gengar
Fighting: Gallade, Breloom, and Hitmontop
Dark: Houndoom, Sharpedo, and Cacturne
Steel: Jirachi, Magnezone, and Metagross
Ice: Regice, Glalie, and Avalugg
Rock: Tyranitar, Aggron, and Tyrantrum
Ground: Steelix, Rhyperior, and Camerupt
Poison: Weezing, Nidoking, and Vileplume
Flying: Swellow, Salamence, and Drifblim
Bug: Ninjask, Beedrill, and Armaldo
Dragon: Noivern, Goodra, and Dragalge
Fairy: Klefki, Gardevoir, and Wigglytuff

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Sorry if I'm not on much I'm more frequent on pokeheroes.
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I'm baaaaaaaack!!!
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Havent talked to you in awhile fwiend!
Jun 30, 2015 by Hellfire Taco
Really? I wonder why?
Jun 4, 2015 by Blaze252935
How did you  know about my mega question? I never told you.
Jun 4, 2015 by Blaze252935
No duh
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