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I like Shaymin (Sky forme), so I decided to catch it. It turns out the Sky forme's Defense is lower than the Land forme's. Also, Ice attacks make a 4x weakness. Which should I choose?

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It depends on what you want to do with this Shaymin. Different forms are better for different things.
You can change Shaymin formes, and it depends which role you want Shaymin to play for determining which forme you want to use.

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Shaymin- Sky.
Because it has a very good SpA and Speed. Also it's ability is Serene Grace. Now Flinch everyone with Air Slash!.Amd drop everyone's SpD harshly with Seed flare. Shaymin is easy to defeat. It has 5 weaknesses. It is pursued by many common Pokemon. Shaymin cannot hit most Pokemon harder, easily defeated by most bulky Pokemon. 4×weakness to ice isn't a bit problem. Serene Grace+Air Slash=60% Chances to flinch.
Serene Grace+Seed flare=80%Chances to drop SpD harshly.
Shaymin is easy to PP stall while Sky form is easy to toxic stall.

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Lol, can't we use pokemon from tweaking? :(
From https://www.smogon.com/dex/sm/formats/vgc18/
Pokémon Restrictions
Players may use Pokémon with the following National Pokédex numbers, provided they are caught or hatched in the game, or received at an official event or distribution:
#485 - #486
#495 - #642
Shaymin's number is 492.
Shaymin can still be used in free battles, but not battle spot. I've done it before. :P
Then it still doesn't matter because Rayquaza outclasses both Shaymin forms in free battles.
I mean, that doesn't stop people from using it. :P