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Ok, so in Sun, I used a Gracidea on Shaymin so I could get the Sky Forme registered in the Pokedex. I then put it back in the PC from where I got it, knowing full well that it should revert back to Land Form... But nothing happened. I tried logging out and back on the PC, and still nothing. I'm even on Pokemon Bank right now, and it's still in Sky Forme, despite being in the PC. So my question is how is this possible?? Did Sun and Moon do away with that requirement for Shaymin to revert back, is this some sort of glitch, or what?

Maybe try using the gracedia again?? And during nighttime since it can only turn into sky Forme during the day?
Thanks Indigo!

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Shaymin doesn't immediately revert when you place it in the PC; you must take it out of the PC in order to see its reversion.

Hope I helped. :)

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