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Which Pokemon is better? I really like both of them, but I'm not sure which one I should use.

In which format?

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For the most part, it depends on the role, format, and rest of your team. But this really wouldn't be an answer if I left it at that, so here's a breakdown:

Out of Venusaur and both of Shaymin's formes, Shaymin's Sky Forme would generally be considered the best. With 120 base SpA and 127 base Spe, it makes a powerful special sweeper (it's in ubers for a reason!). Additionally it gets the unholy Air Slash + Serene Grace combo, in addition to sustain through a STAB Giga Drain and great coverage through Earth Power, Dazzling Gleam, and Psychic.

After that, I would probably say Shaymin's land forme would come in next. 100 in each stat is always nice, which, in its home tier of RU, makes it quite versatile. You could run it as a special sweeper or tank, depending on your team's needs, even though it's generally better as a tank. Keep in mind that it doesn't have Serene Grace, so Air Slash is pretty much useless on it.

The worst of these three is non-mega Venusaur. Stat-wise, it is objectively worse than land Shaymin in every regard, limiting its versatility to a special tank. Additionally, any useful move it can learn, Shaymin can too, with the exception of maybe Ingrain, which really isn't all that great.

Here's some useful comparisons between the three.

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Shaymin (Land Forme)'s BST is 600 and its stats are 100 for all 6 stats. It's other form (Sky Forme) has the same BST as the other Forme, but it receives +03 in Attack, -25 in both Defense and Special Defense, +20 in Special Attack, and +27 in Speed.

Venusaur's BST is 525 and its stats are 080 in both HP and Speed, 082 in Attaxk, 083 in Defense, and 100 in both Special Attack and Special Defense.


Shaymin (Land Forme) can learn Normal- and Grass-type moves through level-up. But, its other Forme can also learn Flying-type moves through level-up. Both Formes can learn Normal-, Grass-, Psychic-, and Fairy-type moves as TMs.

Venusaur can learn Normal- and Grass-type moves through level-up. It can learn Normal-, Grass-, Poison-, and Ground-type moves as TMs. It can also learn Normal-, Grass-, and Poison-type moves as egg moves.


Shaymin (Land Forme) is a pure-Grass-type: making it resistant to Water, Electric, Grass, and Ground; and weak to Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, and Bug.
Its other Sky Forme is a Grass/Flying-type: making it immune to Ground; resistant to Water(1/2), Grass(1/4), and Fighting(1/2); and weak to Fire(2x), Ice(4x), Poison(2x), Flying(2x), and Rock(2x).

Venusaur is a Grass/Poison-type: making it resistant to Water(1/2), Electric(1/2), Grass(1/4), Fighting(1/2), and Fairy(1/2); and weak to Fire, Ice, Flying, and Psychic.

By stats, Shaymin(both Formes) has a higher BST(600) than Venusaur's 525 BST. Shaymin has a higher HP stat(100 for both Formes), Attack stat(103 for Sky Forme), Defense stat(100 for Land Forme), Special Attack stat(120 for Sky Forme), and Speed stat(127 for Sky Forme) compared to Venusaur's (HP and Speed of 080, Attack of 082, Defense of 083, and Special Attack of 100). Both Venusaur and Shaymin (Land Forme) have the same Special Defense stat of 100.

By moves, Shaymin (Sky Forme) can learn 3 different type of moves through level-up compared to its other Forme(2) and Venusaur(2). Both Shaymin(both Formes) and Venusaur can learn 4 different types of moves as TMs. Unfortunately, with Shaymin being a Mythical (maybe Legendary, still confused as to which), it does not learn any egg moves, but Venusaur can learn 3 different types of moves as egg moves.

By typing, Shaymin (Sky Forme) has 1 more immunity than its other Forme and Venusaur. Venusaur has 5 resistances compared to Shaymin (Sky Forme)(3) and Shaymin (Land Forme)(4). Venusaur also has 4 weaknesses
compared to Shaymin (both Formes)(5).

I know nothing on competitive play. But, I know which Pokémon is better in terms of typing, stats, and the number of different types in can learn from either TM or level-up.