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Which Pokemon is better competitively?
Note: affection does not exist in competitive battling, so saying that Mega Blastoise/Venusaur is better because it can have a free focus sash (or whatever) does not count.
Tier: OU (overused)


Based on these videos the more likely answer is Venasaur... but I'm not that good with competetive so I'm not 100% sure how correct it is.

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My answer would be Mega Venusaur.

The reason why I picked Mega Venusaur over Mega Blastoise is because of tier and usage. Both Pokémon pretty much do the exact same thing, but Venusaur just does it slightly better. Here are some pros and cons for each mon:

Mega Venusaur

Good special attack, to make use of STAB moves like Giga Drain and Sludge Bomb
Very solid base 123 Defense and 120 Special Defense
Extremely useful ability Thick Fat (halves damage of Fire-and-Ice type moves)
Gets good recovery with Synthesis, and can stall with Leech Seed and 100% accurate Toxic
Removes Toxic Spikes upon switching in.
Grass / Poison isn't the best defensive typing
Underwelming low speed stat of only base 80
Needs the Venusaurite to get to this form, so it can't hold a Black Sludge or anything.
Is walled by other stallers (mainly fire types) like Heatran, Chansey, and it OHKO'd by STAB moves from Tapu Lele, Mega Medicham and mainly Mega Alakazam

Mega Blastoise

Very solid base special attack
Good defensive typing, by only having 2 weaknesses.
Is able to remove entry hazards with Rapid Spin, while it keeps your traps on the field
Good bulk overall, base 120 Defense and 115 Special Defense
Mega Launcher ability boosts some strong moves
Gets OHKO'd by Eletric-type threads like Tapu Koko
Has to rely on RestTalk for recovery
Is outclassed by other Rapid Spinners and bulky Water-types like Toxapex

Both Pokémon are really solid in my opinion, but I would recommend using Venusaur in OU still. Mega Blastoise does pretty OK in UU though.
Hope this helped!

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Technically toxic doesn't become 100% accurate. It doesn't check accuracy when used by poison Pokemon like Venusaur.
yeah you are right, but there was a patch on Toxic that it couldn't miss on a Poison type, exept if there was any accuracy or evasion changes, if i'm correct.
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I’d have to say Venusaur. Mega Blastoise’s ability is really of no use, Clawitzer uses it better. Thick Fat is excellent. In doubles, Venusaur can use Synthesis in the presence of Drought or Sunny Day users (as well as Desolate Land, but seeing as that’s an extension of Drought, it doesn’t really count.) Because of being Poison type, it gets rid of toxic spikes on the switch, which Blastoise doesn’t and as a result gets poisoned from. It also has more recovery, and while it can’t hold Black Sludge, it isn’t that bad, seeing as that makes it prone to Knock Off. Venusaur also offers more utility, seeing as it can function as an offensive presence, or stall out. All in all, I’d say Venusaur.
(Sorry. I can’t put a picture.)