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Gender: In Superposition
Country: Philippines
Favorite Pokémon: Sceptile and Runerigus
Friend Codes: SW-1883-6737-8196

Showdown Name: A Geeky Jawa
About me: Hi. Not as active as other people here so usually I just do some cleaning on the least popular tags. Feel free to leave a wall post but I can't guarantee a quick reply.

If I post a random story on your wall, yeah don't be weirded out by posting on my wall its guaranteed I'll write a story about it. Or just tell you don't want me to post stories on your wall if its bothering you. I don't usually have proper inspiration for the stories, I just like taking random wall posts on my wall and somehow fitting it into a story as a creative exercise. 2022 Update: Lmao hasn't updated since like this first started
Archive if you want everything: https://pastebin.com/sCGtK8tr

My Pokémon DB history
I reached 100 points in the pokebase on June 8, 2014
I found the chat room empty on several occasions ever since June 16, 2014
First Name-Change on Sept. 5, 2014
Left the site around October/November 2014
Came back around July 2016
Reached 500 points in the pokebase on Sept. 22, 2016
Read the first comment by MovesestBot on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24.
Reached 1,000 points in the pokebase on Feb 5, 2017
Promoted to expert by Fizz on July 3, 2018
Reached 2,000 points on July 29, 2018
Reached 3,000 points on the Pokebase and 1000 points on Meta somewhere around the first week in Jan 2021.

IDK when this happened history
I accepted the chat room will be dead most of the time.
I had my first tournament sometime I forgot though and it was a Multi-Tier Tourney where I lost the first round to sumwun because in one turn I went stupid.
I realized that the chat is regularly active. Nice.

Name-Change History
Sceptile_03 - Leafy Blade - Blades with Leaves - A Geeky Jawa - Gekky - An Asocial Moth

You're still reading? Huh... someone wants to actually know stuff about me. Well here's something random: as of writing I'm only in chapter 4 of Xenoblade 3 but I already declare it Game of the Year


Why tf do I have to get gender envy from my own art.


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Oh yeah, its working for me now on a different device. I think it was just something w/ my phone that time.
Jun 14 by xPsydxck
Hey, is it just me or is the image in your latest answer broken?
Jun 13 by xPsydxck
Yooooo you actually remember the comment? That's crazy lol its been 5 years.
Its interesting how sumwun and Indigo wanted Moveset Bot to be the lowest scoring account. I wish that actually became a thing. x)

Ah I see. That "a Fizz" seemed pretty savage imo.
May 3 by xPsydxck
What was the comment by Moveset Bot you read on Christmas Eve of 2016? Do you remember it?

> Promoted to expert by a Fizz on July 3, 2018
"a Fizz"
May 3 by xPsydxck
Only 3k points? For some reason I thought you were an editor with 9k points
Jan 15 by ~Spleens~
Nov 23, 2021 by Chaos481
Nov 23, 2021 by neo magius
Hello! Lets be Friends!
Nov 10, 2021 by Chaos481
The hidden poke balls one for sword and shield has been hidden
Jul 17, 2021 by BaronVonThomason III
https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/306847/reminder-teach-forgotten-moves-different-pokemon-hatched here is a question by fizz that's a little old that needs re answering it wouldnt take too long to do I have just never done competitive breeding before so I wouldn't want to mess up
Jul 17, 2021 by BaronVonThomason III