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I'm replaying White 2 and I want a dragon type for my team. I don't already have a ground btw.

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Flygon has access to some great moves, is slightly faster, and has STAB earthquake. Haxorus has extremely high attack and almost the same speed.
I prefere both

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If you want a truly strong Pokemon for your team then I suggest Haxorus if you want for physical attack then Haxorus for he has a huge attack power of 147 it is quite high and better than flygon A-100 using swords dance or dragon dance and then using giga impact it will be a 1 hit kill but if you want for special based attacks then choose flygon it has a SP of 80 better than Haxorus SA-60 . If you EV train Haxorus in attack then it's attack will be raised by 64 (252) that is 211 attack so insane and if you do it for SA then it will have 104 SA not that bad and if you do the same with Flygon it's SA will become 144 and attack 164 mainly both are physical attackers, if you compare their speed then it is Flygon 100 and Haxorus 97.
I strongly recommend Haxorus.
The true Dragon
Muddy Dragon
But there is some one better than both it is hydreigon
A- 105
SA- 125
S- 98
It is quite balanced +it is a pseudo-legendary Pokemon but it is very hard to obtain
The King Of Dragons

Hope I helped and best of luck with your team!!!

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Thank you. This does help.
No. Go flygon!
Nice try !creeper
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I would say Flygon. You can switch it with Haxorus for competitive battling though, but in-game it is what you are looking for in a dragon type Pokemon. I used it myself in black2 and it served me well. It outspeeds almost anything if not anything in-game, including Haxorus and Hydreigon. It has a decent attack stat and acces to fire type moves, something that Haxorus lacks. Its powerfull STAB earthquake is always reliable and you can always teach it dragon claw and later Outrage through the move tutor. Its biggest flaw is its 4X weakness to ice type attacks, but it can usually handle them good if the ice type is not holding ice shard. I would say go for Flygon.

Hope this helped you with your decision a little :)

Thanks, this a great answer. I'm just going to wait and see if anyone else thinks differently or can give a counter arguement.
Oh ok bcorr
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i would totally choose haxorous considering ice wouldn't demolish haxorous and I am pretty sure stats are better. but if ur lookin 4 a dragon, then hydregon or maybe kingdra since it is unsuspecting of a kingdra, also kindra does not have many weaknesses.

Kingdra is weak to dragon.