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I just got 48 BP and I want to know whether to spend it on a Focus Sash or an Assault Vest for my Haxorus.

His EV yield is: 176 Atk / 252 SpD / 80 Spe
His moveset is: Earthquake, Night Slash, Iron Tail and Dragon Claw
I trained him like this so he could live an Ice Beam. Any Suggestions will help.

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Assault Vest.

Your EV investment makes it obvious that you are trying to survive, if you gave it a Focus Sash there would be no point in the Special Defense EVs. If you are going to go with Focus Sash, you should go for an all out offensive Dragon Dance set.

Hope I helped!

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Thanks! With this set my Haxorus lived a shadow ball from a +2 fully invested aegislash!