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I have a Coalossal with a Serious Nature, so I thought about using it with Assault Vest for competitive, but I’m unsure if it's the right move. Should I use it with Assault Vest?

The moveset is:
- Scald
- Earthquake
- Burn Up
- Stone Edge

Please let me know.

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What format/rules you're playing with, and what are the EVs and nature?
I said serious nature while EVs. Are 75 hp, 126 Atk, 81 Def, 126 Spa, 100 Spd  
I also forgot to mention it has the ability flame body, i’m on sword and shield’s online match’s. (non-ranked)
That's the format where you bring 6 Pokemon, look at your opponent's 6 Pokemon, and use 3 of them, right?
Yes, that’s the format

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Coalossal never runs assault vest in battle stadium singles, the format that you're talking about. It is almost always a stealth rock lead, and stealth rocks, which are a status move, cannot be used with assault vest. On top of that, it has tremendous bulk, it needs all the offensive help it can get. Compiled with its horrible weaknesses, and you've got a Pokemon that isn't a good tank, period. The only "niche" it has is using steam engine with weakness policy, and even that is a horrible gimmick.

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That’s why i put burn up there, so that it gets rid of its 4x weaknesses to water and ground.