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I have an Espeon who I use in battle sometimes. I gave her the Assault Vest, which boosts its special defense.

Velvet (Espeon)@Assault Vest
Nature: Modest
EVs: 252 Special Attack, 128 Special Defense, 128 Speed

Shadow Ball
Dazzling Gleam
Grass Knot

Is this set good with the Assault Vest, or should I give her a different item/Moveset?

Espeon will pretty much be dead if hit my a physical move tho

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Espeon already has okay-ish Special Defense, but poor HP and horrible Defense. It is meant to be an offensive Pokemon, so Choice Specs works better.

After all, it can't take STAB Super effective hits from the likes of M-Gengar anyway.

Tl;dr: Try Choiced items. Special Defense boost won't last all that long.

Also, try another move other than Grass Knot. Signal Beams works, but you might also want to consider something else like a decent typed Hidden Power, if you can.

Life orb or choice scarf ,to out speed mega gengar, works to.
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This is a good set because the assault vest highers the user's Sp.D, but makes it only able to use attack moves. Since your espeon has only attack moves and status moves, IMO the assault vest is a great item because you are increasing Espeon's already great Sp.D.

But its got horrible Defenses.
A Priority Physical move will terminate it
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Espeon doesn't benefit a lot from an Assult Vest.
Espeon does do reflect/light screen roles, but apart from that I've never come across an AV Espeon and  I doubt it would even work well unless you buff up his HP and Defense, which you would be better off not doing as coming of base 65 and 60 respectively isn't too impressive
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