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I am looking for more a bulky steel attacker that can use Assault Vest Decently.

Can Celesteela use Assault Vest well or is it too passive in general?

What are some Steel Type Pokemon that can use Assault Vest well?


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Well, celesteela is for me a support Pokemon, if you take status move away from celesteel it will lose lots of it's board presence, it isn't offensive enough to justify an assault vest. A good example of what i'm trying to say is magnezone: it has an amazing special attack and good bulk, paired with an assault vest it can tank lots of hits on the special side.

Ah okay I see.

Yes I typically run the Specially Defensive Celesteela with Leech Seed and Toxic.
Pretty good althou after looking at it's movepool.

I figure maybe Celesteela can run it because of its moves like Heavy Slam, Flamethrower, Earthquake, Giga Drain, Air Slash, Stone Edge etc. You know different options and great coverage

Magnezone huh? Yea he sounds like a good idea too something like Thunderbolt, HP Ground/Ice , Flash Cannon and Volt switch would be nice :)