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Volcarona is found at Relic Castle at Level 35, the Nature will be Modest.

Litwick has a Rash Nature. Which is better and why?

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It has ridiculous Special Attack, and respectable defenses. It isn't the fastest, however. You can catch and evolve a Litwick very easily, and get a Chandelure almost immediately after arriving in Lentimas Town. It learns moves like Energy Ball to cover its weaknesses, and strong STAB like Flamethrower and Shadow Ball. It's super effective against Shauntal's and Caitlin's teams, and a bit of Iris' with STAB.

It doesn't get many good moves until later levels, meaning it's deadweight until then. You can get it earlier, but that doesn't amount to much when it doesn't learn many good things. Its Special Attack just barely falls behind Chandelure's, but it has better Special Defense and Speed to make up for it. It's also time-consuming to find it in the Relic Castle. Its STAB moves are super effective against Grimsley, and a bit of Iris' team.

I personally prefer Chandelure, but I'll provide sets for both, as they're both good.

Chandelure @ Spell Tag / Charcoal
Ability: Flash Fire
- Flamethrower
- Shadow Ball
- Energy Ball
- Will-O-Wisp / Confuse Ray

Volcarona @ anything
Ability: Flame Body
- Flamethrower
- Bug Buzz / Signal Beam
- Psychic / Quiver Dance
- Giga Drain

Hope I helped!

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Okay chandlure it is thanks!
You're welcome!
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I honestly prefer Chandelure.
Volcarona is super OP though.
I think your team needs something to take care of some type coverages like Fighting Type.It can be useful since Marshall has a Mienshao that attacks really fast.
So,Fighting doesn't affect Ghost
So,i guess Chandelure.

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Neither of them are made for physical attacks. Volcarona is a special tank. Chandelure has mediocer defenses. Neither of them get good moves by level up at a reasonable level except for Chandelure getting shadow ball, though they both get good TM moves. Chandulure is slow and volcarona is fast. Volcarona has the speed to make use of U-turn and Chandelure is slow enough to make good use of payback though payback's physical. Chandlure has better STAB, while Volcarona has better coverage. Calm mind is good on both of them. Not sure which hyper beam works better on. A 10 point difference on special attack doesn't make a big difference. Volcarona would make better use of sunny day.

Just case it get into too big of trouble it can flee and deal damage
Solar beam
Sunny day
To help solar beam and the fire type attack

Shadow ball
To slow the opponate down
Energy ball

I'm leaving you to pick.

I hope this helped!!!