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Recently, I caught a Litwick in the Lost Hotel in Pokemon X. I've trained it until it evolved into a Lampent. I also have a Dusk Stone to evolve it to a Chandelure. However, I already received and trained a Speed Boost Blaziken from the Wi-Fi event for X and Y. Should I keep Blaziken and store Chandelure in the PC, or vice versa?
I'm mainly looking for a decent Fire-type that can hold itself while dishing out good damage.


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Blaziken! He's epic! And with his hidden ability then nothing can go wrong. Go with Blaziken, he's fast thank to his hidden ability (Speed Boost) and if he doesn't outspeed it's opponent (He can take two or three hits) he'll do it the next round. He's an excellent sweeper, his Atk and S.Atk is rather high, so a Flamethrower there and a Blaze Kick there depending on the opponent.

I'd go with Blaziken with his epic Mega evolution that raises his Atk, S.Atk AND his Speed. He'll be a deadly opponent, only four weaknessess, even though Chandelure also has four depending on his ability, but I'd go with Blaziken, because he has better overall stats than Chandelure.

Good Luck!

If you want sources on them here they are.
Chandelure: http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/chandelure
Blaziken: http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/blaziken

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Blaziken with speed boost would be my choice, especially if you mega evolve it, blaziken alone can be compared to legendary Pokemon. It does a lot of physical damage but can't take too much hits. Chandelure isnt as fast, but when doing story mode, he is pretty bulky and dishes out good special attack damage.