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His moveset is Flamethrower, Shadow ball, Energy ball and Psychic. I have already maxed out Attack and Speed, so I just wanna know which item is better Chandelure. Here is my whole team and their held items, if it helps you answer this question:
Garchomp (Garchompite)
Klefki (Light clay)
Politoed (Leftovers)
Gyarados (Gyaradosite)
The last one is Tyranitar, but I don't know which item my T-tar should hold so I would love it if you could also help me with that.


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You should totally run tyranitarite.

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Chandelure's Sp.Att is already high enough to 1-2HKO most Pokemon with a super effective move. It's Speed however, is average.

In my Opinion, neither. I would go for either a Life Orb or an Expert Belt because Switching in and out with Chandelure is not a good idea with it's 2x weakness to Spikes and Stealth Rock.

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Actually scarf is good, chandy isn't fast and the extra speed could help and guarantee a KO. After greninja faints one of your Pokemon with a water or ice type move, most would stay in to KO chandy but being scarfed u can outsped and go for the OHKO.
Chandelure is used mostly for it's diverse sweeping ability, Choice Scarf ruins that.
Lol it doesn't trust me i use chandy a lot
Scarf doesn't ruin it. Plus, if you run Trick and know when to use it it can work in your favor.
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In my opinion you should go with a Choice Scarf.
Reasons being:

  • Chandy has a lot of power already and needs the speed way more.

My second reason includes a move you don't have but maybe consider it.

  • Psychic -> Trick, you can trick a scarf onto an opponents Pokemon, which can mess up their tactic.