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Hey, I don't usually ask or answer these type of questions so I'm not too familiar on the guidelines around these, but here it goes.

I have this smexy Level 100 shiny Chandelure. Her name is Fruitybooty, she's +Sp. Att -Speed, has max IVs, and full EVs in Sp. Attack.

Right now, her moveset is:

-Confuse Ray (for Hex)
-Hex (STAB)
-Will-O-Wisp (for Hex)
-Energy Ball (Coverage)

But, I'm thinking I want to replace Confuse Ray or Will-O-Wisp for a fire-type special attack, because STAB and that sexy 416 Sp. Atk stat. Should I? Which move should I keep, and which should I replace??

I use FruityBooty mainly for Max Raids and in-game, but I also use her for the occasional competitive battling with friends.

Also her ability is Flame Body i forgot to add that sksksksksk
Generation V
Hex's base power is 50 and will double to 100 when the target is affected by a non-volatile status condition.
Confusion is a volatile status condition meaning Hex wouldn't do double damage.
Do you want me to answer this?
I have no idea what that means but at the same time i thought so that's partially why I'm asking

I know nothing about pokemon moves sksksksksksk

Also, that says gen 5, is it the same for gen8?
Yes, all that changed after Gen 5 was that it had 65 BP instead of 50 and nothing else. I wanted to tell that if a foe is burned, Hex does double damage but it doesn't do the same for confusion.
Man i feel like a big idiot LMAO thank you

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Hex won't get the power boost from Confusion since it is not a non-volatile Status Condition. Because of this, Will-o-Wisp is obviously the better choice.
Non-Volatile Status condition is simply a status that does remain after switching or the battle ending.

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Aww I was about to answer and you sniped me lol.
Lol. Sorry though.
I have no idea what a non-volatile status move is but now that i know they're separate things i feel both more and less dumb thank you
@J, you write it reversed.
"A non-volatile status condition is a status condition that remains outside of battle and after being switched out."
Confusion is a volatile status condition, it isn't non-volatile like burn.
Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhh :0 thancc

Big brain moment uwu
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