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I have a shiny male Umbreon in my copy of Moon, and I don't know if it should keep Dark Pulse or learn Confuse Ray. Other information; Calm nature, Lv. 100, Synchronise ability, held Item is Rocky Helmet. Current moveset:

Dark Pulse

My Umbreon is a Staller, so you could understand why I have Taunt, (to stop status-users, other Taunt users, supporters, entry hazard-users, and healers/clerics) Toxic, (to wither away walls and have at least one way to cause damage) and Moonlight (to heal itself to stall more).

I had Dark Pulse to have a STAB attack with an okay damage output, but I'm unsure if I should replace it with Confuse Ray since Confusion can be incredibly annoying in battle.


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Neither are good moves. There are many Pokemon that are immune to toxic, and many more that can taunt Umbreon, so Umbreon needs an attack. Umbreon's attack stats are so weak that foul play is usually its strongest attack, so teach foul play to Umbreon. It should also have wish instead of moonlight because wish has more PP, and it should have protect so it can take only one hit between wishes. Lastly, it should have heal bell so it can heal its teammates. Notice how it isn't really a toxic stall anymore. Umbreon is so good at wish and heal bell support that good Umbreon users prefer to have the toxic stalling handled by Umbreon's teammates. If you really want a dark type toxic stall, then you should use Yveltal, mega Sableye, or Mandibuzz. If you're playing doubles, then you shouldn't be toxic stalling at all.