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Gender: Female
Country: U.S
Favorite Pokémon: Zoroark
Friend Codes: 3153-5098-4397
About me: Here's an info-dump about me.... yay:

I have a favorite Pokémon of each type, here they are:
Normal: Glameow
Fighting: Lucario
Dragon: Goodra
Electric: Manectric
Fire: Arcanine
Water: Primarina
Grass: Leafeon
Ice: Alolan Ninetales
Ground: Mudsdale
Rock: Lycanroc
Psychic: Delphox
Steel: Mawile
Dark: Zoroark
Ghost: Lunala
Fairy: Xerneas
Flying: Noivern
Poison: Salazzle
Bug: Vulcarona
Favorite Type: Dark

I also have a least favorite in each type:
Normal: Blissey
Fighting: Hariyama
Dragon: Druddigon
Electric: Dedenne
Fire: Simisear
Water: Pelipper
Grass: Simisage
Ice: Walrien
Ground: Alolan Dugtrio
Rock: Tyrantrum
Psychic: Gothitelle
Steel: Skarmory
Dark: Skuntank
Ghost: Confagrigus
Fairy: Aromatisse
Flying: Salamence
Poison: Garbodor
Bug: Spewpa
Least Favorite Type: Bug

Other Pokémon Opinions:
Favorite Legendary: Lunala
Least Favorite Legendary: Tornadus
Favorite Mythical: Shaymin
Least Favorite Mythical: Phione
Favorite Mega-Evolution: Mega-Manectric
Least Favorite Mega-Evolution: Mega-Heracross

Favorite Ability: Synchronize
Favorite Move: Night Daze
Favorite Item: Leftovers
Favorite Pokéball: Dream Ball
Favorite Region: Alola
Favorite Gen: Gen 7
Favorite Game: Pokémon Ultra Sun
Favorite Spin-Off Game: Pokémon Rumble World
Favorite Pokétubers: TrueGreen7, Verlisify, and False Swipe Gaming

Other Info:
My Birthday: 9-26-04

YouTube: The Salty Zoroark
DeviantArt: The-Salty-Zoroark
Discord: TheSaltyZoroark#8020
Twitter: @TheSaltyZoroark
Telegram: @SomeSaltyFurry

Welp, that's all I can think of to tell you guys. Let me know if you want me to write about anything else about myself.

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