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which move is better for spiritomb?

sucker punch- does 80 damage 120 with STAB it has 100 accuracy it's dark and it's physical it only attacks if the other Pokemon attacks it has priority and has 5pp.

dark pulse- does 80 damage 120 with STAB it has 100 accuracy it's dark and special it has a 20% chance to make target flinch.

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I guess it depends on what you're spiritomb is invested in EV wise! Is it a sp. atking? Or Physical atcking?

Of course just go for whatever fits your play style and hopefully the one that fits your spirittomb! Of course if you have a physcial spiritomb sucker punch, otherwise dark pulse!

Personally I'd run both of them, but it depends on your other moves!

If you play tactically give your spiritomb the kings rock and Dark-Pulse it is!
If its a slow Spiritomb, and you play very aggresively, go for sucker-punch!

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If you want a consistent attacking move, then I'd go for Dark Pulse.
However, if you fancy a deadly priority move to catch opponents off guard, Suckerpunch will be a good fit.

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A majority of the types that are weak to Dark type moves ( Psychic and Ghost) ussually don't have good defense stats, so I'd go with Sucker Punch ;)