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I've been using the standard Swords Dance Toxicroak set, which usually runs Swords Dance, Drain Punch, Gunk Shot, and Sucker Punch. I tried switching Sucker Punch for Earthquake, as Earthquake would allow Toxicroak to be able to beat opposing poison types such as Dragalge, Salazzle, etc. However, Sucker Punch can serve as a revenge killing move to weak opponents such as a weakened Shell Smash Blastoise (Even though Toxicroak can check Blastoise) and faster Pokemon. However, I can't decide between Sucker Punch or Earthquake. Which one should I use, and why? If it matters, the other members on my team are Blastoise, Alolan Sandslash, Talonflame, Heliolisk, and Weezing. Pokepaste for movesets can be found here.

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You will probably get a better answer if you ask here: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/simple-questions-simple-answers.3659528/
If you'd give a nice Poképaste for the team with complete movesets, I guess it'd be easier to answer.

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There are 2 ways you can go with this. If you decide to keep all your current team members, I'd go with Earthquake. You can't exactly immediately offensively pressure Poison types that much. If you choose to replace one one of your team members or restructure your team slightly (like replacing your Alolan Sandslash with Future Sight G-Articuno and using Garbodor/Qwilfish as your Spiker instead, replacing Weezing) then I believe Sucker Punch is the better option.

However, overall, I believe that Knock Off is the best move, since not only does it destroy the Poison types after a Swords Dance boost (especially with Stealth Rock up), it can also quickly remove Golurk and Bronzong while simulateously crippling other answers that aren't OHKOed by +2 Gunk like Mudsdale.

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I've decided to go with Earthquake, as I noticed that most of my team gets walled by Dragalge. Thanks!
Glad I helped.